Ghosts in the Machine

Perhaps not surprisingly, it turns out London’s Tube system is haunted by dozens of ghosts at various stations. This story at the Telegraph site includes a helpful map that can assist the rider in making appropriate decisions, whatever they are (i.e. hunt for the ghost or stay away). The story also provides a wealth of material for supernatural tales, from the spectral caretaker who comforted a stricken electrical worker to the spirit of a young girl killed by her employer.

I was reminded by this story that a friend lived in England for a time in a haunted residence, an old mansion that was pitched to her family proudly as a haven for ghosts. When house hunting myself several years ago, I was given an earnest speech by my buyer’s agent on the subject of a rather ordinary looking dormered cape on a dead end about the reported haunting of the house by a suicide victim. I asked if having a ghost helps sell a house. He replied that he hadn’t tried to sell enough haunted houses to know but it seemed to cut both ways. Sometimes buyers love the idea of a ghost and other times it’s a deal killer (which is why he was so serious with us when he shared that detail). We passed on the house ourselves, although it stayed in the top five on our list. The ghost played no part in the decision and I don’t think ghosts would convince me not to take the shortest route on the Tube.


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