Talk to Her

As my son is at the age where it’s time to look at colleges, my attention was drawn to a Parade magazine piece today on college essay topics. My husband picked up on the one that asked the applicants to expound on which woman from history or fiction with whom they would like to converse and what they would say. Being currently obsessed with the work of Henry Thoreau, he commented, “That’s easy. Henrietta Thoreau. I would ask her all about the details of the trip to Maine and then about why she had a sex change.” So, he cheated.

At least he was quicker on the draw and more creative than I. All that came to mind for me was a piece I had read about mismatched fictional couples, which touched upon a reaction I myself had to Little Women: How come Jo ended up with Professor Bhaer? On second thought, I don’t want to know. Jo was so interesting for the first half of the book. I think my heart would be broken. Probably I’d be better off talking to Amelia Peabody, even if her ward/daughter-in-law, Nefret, is much more sensible.

Anyway, I know a good prompt when I see one. Enjoy.

POST-SCRIPT: My husband thought of a red-flag answer to the question posed above: “I would talk with Cinderella and ask her why she thought she deserved to go anywhere when there was still work to be done.” I guess then I would want to have a talk with her too about the dangers of waiting for a man to “rescue” you. Also, I would call that kid’s parents and suggest they have their little darling evaluated by someone with the appropriate specialty training. Extra points to my husband though for bringing that up at lunch in front of our son.


One thought on “Talk to Her

  1. I thought of poor Cinderella when I got this joke via email from a person of the masculine gender:

    How many men does it take to open a beer?
    None. It should be open when she brings it.

    Thump twice with your club and say “Ooga” if you find that funny.

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