Come For The Ghosts, Stay for the Pie

My sister sent me a story describing ghostly goings-on down the hill from her house and followed that up with a story that includes a video of ghost hunters investigating the “devil’s footprint” found at the same site. Although I’ve made some good fun of the video (e.g. the “shocking” failure of the camera batteries, likely due to purchase at the local discounter, Marden’s; the placement of the “footprint”, which suggested a very short person practicing their kickboxing moves), this does make an excellent setting for a story. It need not be the obvious ghost story (or reboot of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” the opening segment of which it brings to mind), as the old meeting house turned church looks ripe for stories about a struggling rural town facing a fateful vote or the rummage sale where they accidentally sold the priceless (object of your choice) for 75 cents on the bargain table. I can just smell the strawberry rhubarb pie on the pastry table.

P.S. My sister strenuously objected to the use “middle of nowhere” throughout the video. Considering that this road connects to a busy artery running into the state capital and this is Maine (where true “nowhere” can be found in places with names like “T2R10” that have few paved roads and more moose than people), I’d agree. Furthermore, you’d want to make sure your rummage sale was well connected enough to attract the fateful buyer. Town size perception distortion is a favorite topic of mine and very likely to be my next post.

PostScript: While perusing “devil’s footprint” stories (of which I knew there were many, especially in New England) I found a longer and more coherent piece about my sister’s weird backyard.


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