Hangry Words

I started the day today writing about food (the “Hungry for Plot” post) and so I shall end it: with a brief notation about a behavioral study that has been a topic of conversation in my world. Results of this study support previous study results, both formal and anecdotal, that suggest a strong relationship between blood sugar levels and aggression. To whit, hungry people get angry faster. The article validates the current slang term “hangry” (so hungry you’re angry). I am hungry myself at this moment but my spouse has two big steaks on the grill so I suspect we will shortly lower the possibility of contention by quite a bit. Just as I noted below that what’s on your characters’ plates may be important, how long they waited for the plate turns out to be key to their interaction. Of course, as a former waitress myself, I have seen what happens when hunger is stretched out. Not pretty.


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