Mummies and Demons and Curses (oh, my!)

I can’t take credit for this bit of fodder. One of my great guilty pleasures is the bad fashion blog Go Fug Yourself, especially now that Fug Madness is in full swing. The authors publish a weekly roundup of notable links that is not limited to fashion. This is not the first fertile link I have gotten from them but it is the first one about which they remarked “I hope someone is writing a book…,” thus labeling it as fodder from the start. Apparently one of these ladies has some of my own favorite tastes, as she began the post by noting that it touched on “so many things in which I am interested.” Me too, and, I suspect enough others that it could be a successful book indeed. In fact, it has elements of a Pendergast novel, or rather several already in existence. Never mind, though, as many authors have tread similar ground and this could be a very long post if I listed them all. There is likely to be room for one more who wants to write about an ancient artifact festooned with curses and the unclear (at least from this post) reason that a major museum passed on purchasing it. The comments are also worth a look, even if a former museum employee deflates a bit of the mystery by pointing out that they’ve simply run out of room and that is the reason they did not purchase this item. Spoilsport. If Elizabeth Peters were still alive and this were an Egyptian artifact, Peabody, Ramses, Emerson, and Sethos would all be breaking down the door (repeatedly) because they’d never buy that lame excuse either.


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