Obedience School Dropout

While looking through my old blog posts for material on my previous post, I came upon this item, which struck me as an intriguing writing prompt: “Comments on a recent blog entry (one in which my son and I speculate about what our cat Paris would be like as a human) got me thinking it would make an interesting contest or survey for people to write about what they would be like as an animal….Paris spent the first several minutes of my time here yapping at me and begging to get in my lap. Now he’s sleeping contentedly on the dead printer. This can only mean he’ll be standing on my face at 3:30 AM declaring his loneliness. If Paris were human, I think he’d be a telemarketer.” In the earlier post, my son, who was then about 9, had tried to picture Paris going to school and thought about what would be in his lunch (he guessed sardines). I wrote often about Paris back then and, if I still had a “slice of life” blog, I would continue to do so, as he makes himself the center of our lives. Though older, he has not matured in the least, still bounding through the house like a kitten, following us around like a shadow, making peculiar demands, such as his plaintive yap requesting that we turn the tub faucet on so he can watch the water. If he were a person, he’d be the life of the party and possibly get diagnosed with ADHD. But then what sort of pet would I be?


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